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What makes the California Wheat Commission different than other wheat commissions?

Great question.

1. Our State of the art laboratory

2. Our impeccable lab staff

3. The services we are able to offer

Lab Services

Research & Development
We do many different types of research and development activities at our lab including - running all wheat trials from the UC Davis Wheat Breeding and Extension Programs, testing and developing final products for companies' products like tortillas, breads, pastas, testing dough rheology, and
much, much more!
Product Development
Helping companies create products that comply with specific criteria is a big part of what our lab does. We are not limited to wheat-based products only, but work with other grains as well! We help industry by creating and testing grain-based products that meet specific needs. We also offer on-site training. Check our calendar for upcoming opportunities.
Problem Solving
Send a sample, information or schedule a visit with us to work out any issues your company has with the flour used for baking. We often help people work through issues surrounding a specific product. Additionally, we can help if you're having trouble interpreting data from tests on your products.

Lab test order form & training

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Baking with Keith Giusto at the Artisan Baking Center

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