Committed to California Growers

Roy is  involved in a diverse farming operation in the Imperial Valley (southeast corner of California) of approximately 3,000 acres.

We’re here to support wheat growers and consumers by taking action to…

Improve Wheat
we support research & development
Support Research
that will improve California wheat
Develop Markets
for California Wheat
Keep People Informed
including growers, millers, bakers, tortilla & pasta manufacturers, etc.

Get To Know Us

The California Wheat Commission (CWC) was established in 1983, expressly to support research that improves California wheat quality and marketability and to develop and maintain markets for California.

The Commissioners

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What’s New

We are constantly searching for ways that we can better serve the growers of California. We update this section whenever we have new information that might be useful to growers, millers, bakers, consumers and others who are interested in learning more about California wheat.

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