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Wheat Classes grown in California
Make smart planning decisions.
California Wheat Variety Survey
See the most planted varieties each year.
USDA California Wheat Statistics
Acreage planted, grain, yield, production by area etc.
Agronomy Progress Report
Find evaluations on different wheat qualities.
University of CA information
Here you can find information for consumers, growers and processors.
Small Grains Farm Advisor Directory
If you have questions determining which variety to plant, use our directory
Seed Dealers & Distributors
This directory is a guide to seed dealers as well as the variety they provide.
UC Research & Info Centers
Pest management, weed research and information, small grain production etc.


Wheat is a grain commodity traded in the United States through the following:

Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Minneapolis is also involved in the trading of grain commodities.
Kansas City Board of Trade
Prices for most wheat sold in California is based on the Kansas City Board of Trade.
The Chicago Board of Trade
More information from a board that trades wheat in the U.S.
Prices for most wheat sold in California is based on the Kansas City Board of Trade. Durum wheat does not trade through a board of exchange.

Keep in mind that California wheat is marketed in Cwt. (100 lbs.) or short tons, as compared to bushels.

Lastly, you can view price reports and chart nearby cash prices here


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California Farm Weather
See reports on current conditions and forecasts, and have radar, satellite, and degree day maps.
Weekly CA Weather & Crop Bulletin
Reports on crop planting progress, development, & harvesting progress. Compare current conditions to normal.
National Weather Service
Click here to view real time alerts and notices of current weather conditions as issued by the government.
National Drought Monitor
See a map of the United States showing which areas are in a drought. Click on a specific state for more information.

Crop Quality Reports

Desert Durum
SanJoaquin Durum
Sacramento Durum
Hard Red & White
Tortilla Reports
All Since 2004

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