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Developing Wheat varieties for Whole Grain artisanal baking

Allison Krill-Brown,1 Teng Vang,2 and Claudia Carter2

1 University of California Davis.
2 California Wheat Commission.
© 2019 AACC International, Inc.

Artisanal bakers and organic farmers are leading the revival of healthy whole grains and local grain communities. These
innovators are continually exploring new flavors, aromas, and textures. Wheat breeding programs contain a diversity of
these traits, but they often focus on the refined flour markets. The University of California Davis recently established an
organic wheat breeding program to focus on unique wheat varieties for artisanal and localized grain markets, which
requires exploration of new methods for quality evaluation. Selected varieties were evaluated for whole grain and
sourdough baking quality, with the goal of identifying varieties of high-quality wheat grown under organic conditions.

New Wheat Varieties Available

UC  Davis Wheat Varieties
Central Red – Hard Red Spring

Available from: Penny Newman Grain and Baglietto Seeds

Desert Gold – Durum

Available from: Rubin Seeds &  Penny Newman Grain

SY Sienna – Hard Red Spring

Hard Red Spring Wheat developed by Syngenta Seeds, Inc. SY Sienna was derived from a cross between 08W11052 (Madsen/00W880404) and Cal Rojo.  High yield potential with average test weight, good protein, and acceptable end-use quality.  It is a semi-dwarf with plant height similar to Redwing and expressing very good straw strength, medium to late maturity, awed, white chaff and strap head type.  SY Sienna has a good general foliar disease package which includes a resistance reaction to current stripe rust races.  SY Sienna has been in the California Variety Testing program for several years with favorable performance (experimental number 13W00886) and was evaluated very favorable by the California Wheat Quality Council.  SY Sienna has performed very well in the Central Valley and Sacramento area.  SY Sienna will be commercially available fall of 2019 from  Penny Newman Grain and Farmers Grain Elevator.



To learn more about Varieties: WB9350, WB9699, and WB9490. Please click below:


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