California remains as the largest wheat milling state by capacity. Our domestic market in California is significant and through key partnership, we can help our growers sell more California wheat (conventional and organic) to these mills.

The mills in California combined have a daily capacity of 124,302 cwts or 12,430,200 lbs/day. The mills listed below are strategically located to mill wheat for specific customers and products.

Some of our wheat growers, produce certified sustainable wheat, certified through the Food Alliance (https://foodalliance.org/).  We have grain handling and cleaning facilities that can help processing the wheat and deliver it to the mills which comply with similar guidelines. The mills work with many different bakeries, tortillas, and pasta manufacturers (just to mention a few). List of mills and their daily capacity by city:



Daily Flour Capacity (cwts)


#1 Ardent Mills Colton                   11,500 Hard
San Bernardino                   18,500 Hard/Durum/Soft
Stockton                   15,000 Hard
#2 Miller Milling Oakland                   14,000 Hard/WW
Fresno                     9,500 Hard/Durum/WW/Organic
Commerce- LA                   14,000 Hard/Soft
#3 Grain Craft Los Angeles                   14,800
ADM Los Angeles                   11,100
General Mills Los Angeles                   10,700
Bay State Milling Woodland                         752 Hard/Durum/WW
Lacey Milling Hanford                     2,000
Giusto’s S. San Francisco                     2,000 Hard/Soft/WW
Sunnyland Mills Fresno                         450 Durum

This information was reported by the 2019 Grain & Milling Annual report, published by WORLD GRAIN Milling & Baking News.

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