Using California Wheat – We can help!

The California Wheat Commission (CWC) is actively engaging with California Wheat users. The CWC Wheat Lab is set to welcome bakers, pasta makers, and other flour users to learn more about Wheat Science and how to use California Wheat flour or semolina in their products and to take advantage of its unique quality attributes.

California is recognized for growing the best durum in the world. California durum varieties have high yellow pigment, high gluten strength, and make a perfect al-dente pasta. It is highly desirable to utilize California durum especially in whole wheat pasta because it helps to maintain its structure due to the high protein content and strength.

California Hard Red, Hard White, and Soft White can be utilized in various blends to accomplish the perfect sourdough bread, tortilla, or any other baked product the flour user would like to make.

We seek to develop a close partnership with our bakers, pasta makers, and others as they seek to utilize more California wheat and continue to support our California Wheat growers.

If you have any questions about California Wheat varieties and how to use them, including blends, hydration levels, or any other questions you may have, please schedule a visit with us or call us at 530-661-1292.

We are here to help and to help you succeed!


The CWC Team.

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